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To our stakeholders:

I am pleased to confirm that the International Relations Studies Association – TUIC continues to stand firmly with the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles concerning Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. Herein is our Communication on Engagement with the United Nations Global Compact, and we openly invite feedback regarding its content.

In this Communication of Engagement, we describe the actions that our organization has taken to support the UN Global Compact and its Principles as suggested for an organization like ours. We delineate the concrete steps our organization has taken from 2021 to 2024. These actions include the significant increase in our volunteer applications, the expansion of our reach to young people through our educational initiatives, the substantial growth of our Online Internship Project, and the impactful delivery of online workshops and seminars in key societal areas.

We pledge to continue disseminating this information among our stakeholders through our established communication channels.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Burak YALIM /  Founder President



In light of the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrine the right of every citizen to engage in social and democratic life, our organization is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the spirit of volunteerism and the ethos of active citizenship, particularly among the youth. We are dedicated to enlightening, raising awareness, and spurring the active engagement of young individuals through our multifaceted initiatives.

TUİÇ is known for instigating a culture of volunteerism within the youth, fostering values that are pivotal to civil initiative, democratic evolution, and sustainability. Moreover, our association is a proud participant in the Local Youth Associations Network, which greatly amplifies our collaborative endeavors.

In partnership with the Civil Life Association – SİYAMDER, we have crafted and executed a Core Training Program (ÇEP) that consists of three modules, specifically designed for our envoys. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to professional and personal development among the youth.

Furthermore, we championed the Workshop on Youth Policies in Local Governments, an event held in July 2023 with the backing of the European Union’s Civic Thought Program. This workshop was a significant step forward, focusing on the creation of a Youth Policy for the Beşiktaş Municipality. Our goal is to cultivate a fertile ground where young people can connect across diverse cultures, unfettered by differences in religion, language, race, gender, or ethnic background. This cross-pollination of ideas and values is at the heart of what we do—building bridges that foster understanding and cooperation.

Education Rights

Education, as articulated within the framework of human rights conventions, is acknowledged as a fundamental human right accessible to all on an equal basis. This right assumes even greater significance in the aftermath of crises that can impede access to higher education. In the wake of the devastating earthquakes on February 6th in Turkey, our organization mobilized to address the educational disruption faced by youths affected directly or indirectly by the disaster. We launched a volunteer-driven initiative to facilitate access to higher education, devising a comprehensive online program encompassing 14 modules. This program was instrumental in providing educational opportunities to over 200 students, underscoring our commitment to education in times of need.

Subsequently, with the support of the European Union’s ETKINIZ program, we initiated the Recover2gether project. This pivotal project is geared towards monitoring the right to access higher education in post-disaster contexts, ensuring that those rights are upheld and that students continue their academic pursuits without undue hindrance.

Within the broader spectrum of education rights, and considering the logistical challenges that can prevent equal access to internship opportunities, our online internship project was established. This project is tailored particularly for those aspiring to advance in the field of International Relations. It not only fosters academic growth but also provides a dynamic forum for the practical application of social sciences theory. By curating a discursive environment and connecting individuals from varied cultural backgrounds, we strive to nurture a holistic academic experience that transcends geographic limitations.


Labor and the active participation of our young volunteers are the bedrock of our association. The engagement of these dynamic individuals is cultivated without bias, reflecting our staunch adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We firmly believe in inclusive participation, ensuring that all segments of society have equal opportunities to contribute to social work. The conditions for participation are crafted to be equitable, fostering a diverse and vibrant volunteer community where every contribution is valued and every voice is heard.


Environmentally sustainable practices are not just a policy but a principle we embody in our association’s operations. Our commitment to the environment is manifested through judicious use of materials in all our training sessions and activities. We strive for environmental stewardship through a series of strategic actions:

  • We minimize paper waste by adopting double-sided printing with multifunction printers.
  • We implement a robust paper recycling program.
  • We favor the electronic dissemination of notes over traditional handouts.
  • We transition towards electronic forms to reduce the need for printed materials.
  • We maintain an electronic archive, substantially reducing our reliance on physical storage and thus our paper footprint.

These eco-conscious initiatives represent our unwavering dedication to reducing our environmental impact while modeling responsible practices for our members and the community at large. It is through these small yet significant steps that we contribute to a larger culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Gender Equality

The onset of the global pandemic necessitated a shift in how we approach education and internships. Capitalizing on this impetus, since 2016, we have significantly bolstered and institutionalized our online education and internship programs, ensuring our organization’s processes are in alignment with the accelerating pace of digitalization. A key part of this development has been the reinforcement of our inclusive perspective, which integrates and upholds gender equality and extends to support disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and refugees.

TUİÇ is firmly committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nations. In particular, our projects and activities are strategically designed to resonate with and contribute to the following objectives:

4.     Quality Education: We are determined to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, recognizing that education is the cornerstone of empowerment.

5.     Gender Equality: By actively promoting gender equality, we work to empower all women and girls, which is crucial for economic growth, the well-being of families, and the sustainable development of communities.

10.  Reduced Inequalities: We aim to reduce inequality within and among countries by removing social, economic, and political barriers and ensuring equal opportunity for all.

13.  Climate Action: Our environmental initiatives reflect our commitment to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions: We advocate for peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

17.  Partnerships for the Goals: Recognizing that the achievement of the SDGs requires a global partnership, we are dedicated to reviving and strengthening such partnerships to achieve sustainable development outcomes.

By embodying these principles, TUİÇ actively contributes to a fairer, more just, and sustainable world, as these goals are inextricably linked to the fabric of our organizational mission and the global community we serve.

 Measurement of Outcomes

Our association’s commitment to fostering engagement and development among the youth has seen remarkable growth and success from 2021 to 2024. Here is an updated and enhanced account of our achievements, showcasing both quantitative and qualitative outcomes:

·       The number of voluntary applications to our association has seen a substantial increase, reaching over 2000 since 2021, illustrating a significant surge in interest and willingness to contribute among young individuals.

·       Our reach has expanded significantly, engaging over 1500 young people through diverse initiatives, including webinars, camps, and seminars, which is a testament to our effective outreach strategies and the relevance of our programs.

·       The Online Internship Project has been a cornerstone of our efforts, with the academic and interpersonal development of over 5500 young people being supported since 2016. This marks a significant enhancement in fostering the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

·       Our training programs, which encompass vital areas such as Human Rights, Environmental Law, and Social Policy, have now empowered over 1800 young individuals through online workshops and seminars. This not only indicates the breadth of our impact but also the depth of engagement we strive for in our educational endeavors.

 These figures underscore the tangible impact of our programs and the dedication of our members and volunteers. As we continue to measure our outcomes, we remain committed to refining our strategies and expanding our reach to ensure even greater impact in the years to come